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Berlin Youth Lacrosse

Hall of Fame

2015 Inductees:


Donald Guzauckas Jr:

Don was the first ever BYLA President and served from 2011-2014.  His efforts and dedication for this sport and his love of this game will be missed.  Don has done many things for BYLA.  He was always ready to jump in help out in anyway.  He coached both the boys’ and girls’ teams.  He headed up the first and original by-laws for BYLA.  He helped with clinics, events, organizing fund-raisers and more.  Thanks for all you effort and hard work!  [Note:  will be honored at the 2015 Founding Fathers Day Picnic]


Rob Grega & Frank Nardi:

Rob and Frank have been with BYLA for the past five years.  They started coaching the girls lacrosse team when their daughters were in the Junior division and followed through eight grade to completion. Both of these coaches helped to grow the girls interest in lacrosse and develop these players so they are ready for high school and may one day compete and win the CIAC tournament.  Rob, Frank thank you for your knowledge, your passion and your time, in helping the girls enjoy the sport of lacrosse.


2014 Inductees:

Jim Shirley:

Jim coached boys’ lacrosse for just about a decade in Berlin.  He is one of the founders that helped get our program to where it is today.  His love for the sport goes without saying.  Many of the boys playing HS lacrosse today at some point went through the coaching of Jim.  Jim has also helped making board-related decisions regarding BYLA.  He has been a great asset to this organization.  [Note: honored at 2014 Founding Fathers Day Picnic]


Joe Tenore:

Joe started as an assistant under HS coach Scott Rossi.  He has been with the BYLA program for approximately a decade.  While many people may not have heard his name regarding lacrosse,  his behind-the-scene dedication to this program was known.  Joe was responsible for all equipment, from uniforms, to nets, to first aid kits.  He was the man behind the coach and making sure each coach had what they needed to do their job properly.  [Note: honored at 2014 Founding Fathers Day Picnic]


Tom Salimeno:

Tom coached girls’ lacrosse and handled field scheduling.  His enthusiasm for the organization will be missed.  Tom has the “let’s get the job done” attitude that twill be missed.  He was with BYLA for a few years.