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2015 BYLA Spring Season Overview



While this is long it contains a lot information regarding the upcoming 2015 Spring season.  Here is the agenda:



  1. Website
  2. Board Members 2015
  3. Team Information/Coaching Staff
  4. Scheduling/Fields
  5. Documentation
  6. Equipment
  7. Scholarship Information
  8. Merchandise/Apparel
  9. Volunteers
  10. Events
    1. Meet and Greet (handout uniforms)
    2. "Dog Days of Summer"
    3. Specialty Clinics
    4. Founding Fathers
    5. Rossi Photography



(URL -

The website was introduced three years ago and is the best place to find answers to many of your questions.  We are hoping that many parents will use this as their BYLA main resource.  The site uses League Athletics, one of the leading sports web communication packages out there.  You can set-up your account to receive email and/or text reminders for practices/games.  While we are still building on it, as we do year after year, between the team pages, documentation section and extra information, you should find what you're looking for.  This is the best resource for BYLA information.  Keep in mind that I am making changes daily to get more information for the upcoming season out there so please be patient.


Board Member 2015:

Over the past season the board has grown in size.  We have many new positions that were filled and some that we are still looking for volunteers.  This past season Donald Guzauckas Jr. stepped down as BYLA President due to work commitments.  Don was the first ever BYLA President and served from 2011-2014.  His efforts and dedication for this sport and his love of this game will be missed.  Here are the current board positions and contact (all contact information can be found on the web).


          President:                     Mark Lavoie
          Vice President:              Kevin Bouchard
          Treasurer:                     Dave Bernard
          Secretary:                     Michelle Ralph
          Program Director:          Scott Rossi
          Webmaster:                  Mark Lavoie
          Co-Merchandise Rep:     Linda Tighe and Marlene Baretta
          Event Coordinator:         Marie Grant
          Scholarship Advisor:       Allyson Formica


          Available Positions:
                   Equipment Manager
                   Field Scheduler


So if you have a question, please review the contacts and email the person you believe will have the best knowledge to answer your question.


Team Information/Coaching Staff:

Teams have been entered on the website.  Please visit your team page for more information.  The teams for the 2015 Spring Season are as follows:

          Girls (grades 1-4) - will practice with the Junior Girls team
          Girls (grades 5 & 6) - Junior Girls - Coached by Lori Bennett and Carrie Dalek
          Girls (grades 7 & 8) - Senior Girls - Coached by Rob Grega and Frank Nardi

          Boys (grades 1-2) - Bandits - Coach TBD
          Boys (grades 3-4) - Bantams - Coached by Ryan Mrachek and Ric Suzio
          Boys (grades 5-6) - Junior Red - Coached by Mark Mangiafico and George Jordan
          Boys (grade 7) - Senior White - Coached by Jay Koops, Kevin Bouchard and Bob Parzych
          Boys (grade 8) - Senior Red - Coached by Mark Lavoie and Eric Gauvin



The season is scheduled to start Wednesday April 1st if Mother Nature cooperates.  Because of the snow still on the ground and the belief that there will be flooding, please check the web site as we approach this date.  The coach staff will probably send out emails regarding this as well.

The current practice schedule is on each team page.  Please note that these are subject to change based on weather and high school games (as they take precedence).  You may also notice that only some games are listed on the schedule.  The rule is HOME teams add the games to the schedule - each coach should supply you with a list of your games and their dates - again please keep in mind these are subject to change as well. 

All of our practices/games will either be at the inner track at Berlin High School or on the "turf" field (aka Scalise) at Sage Park.



There are many helpful documents that can be found on the website.  They are broken down into four sections:  Tutorials; BYLA documents; BYLA Scholarship documents and CVYL documents.  The first three will mainly be used by parents while the last (CVYL) is meant for coaches.  Please take a look.   More will be posted as the season goes on.  If you think we need a document for a certain topic, please let me know and I'll work on creating one.



Girls:   Eye Goggles, Mouth Guard, Cleats, Stick and Gloves (optional)

Boys:  Helmet, Mouth Guard, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Cup, Cleats, Stick and Rib Guard (optional)


Scholarship Information:

This year BYLA will be offering two ($500) scholarships to current Berlin High School seniors.  One for a BHS Boys Lacrosse senior and the other for a BHS Girls Lacrosse senior.  There are restrictions defined in the application but the two big ones are: (1) you must be a current BHS senior and on either the girl or boys team; (2) you MUST have play Berlin Youth Lacrosse previously.  The application and cover letter submission forms can be found on the website in the documentation section.  If you are a current BHS Lacrosse player please take a look.  If you know someone that is please let them know.  Allyson Formica has done a great job gathering all this information and setting this process up.  Thank you Allyson!



We are happy to be working with American Embroidery again to get our Merchandise and Apparel.  I have to say both Linda Tighe and Marlene Baretta have done a FANTASTIC job!  They have done a great job working on apparel selections, styles and colors.  They also have some big ideas coming up.  If you want apparel, please reach out to either of them.  Eventually we will have those products on the website and available through the online store, but for now you can find their contact information on the website on the Board Member page.  I have heard from many parents that the price is excellent and the product is awesome!  Kudos to both of you for your hard work!



As with any organization, its only as good as it volunteers.  Right now we have a very strong group of parents on our board.  As I mentioned above we have a couple of board positions we are looking to fill.  If you are interested in one please let me know.  If you think that position might be too much to take on, but want to help out here and there, please let me know.  We are always looking for volunteers to help out at events, fund-raisers, etc.  Please don't think that any amount of time is too small to help. 



We have many new events planned for this year, as well as our classic "Founding Fathers" day picnic.  Again can use volunteers to help organize the event and/or help out during it.  I don't want to go into too much detail at this point other than a brief description and a date/time. 


"Meet and Greet" - Scheduled for Sunday April 12th 2:00-6:00PM at Scalise.  Uniforms will be handed out.  Meet other parents/players,  coaches, etc.


"Dog Days of Summer" - Scheduled for Saturday May 16th.  This will be an ALL Berlin Lacrosse Day which will feature each of our teams playing a game against another town's team.  We will be playing one game after the next all day long.  Come out and rout for your fellow Bulldogs!  Rossi Photography will be present to take individual and team photos on this day.  BTW - if you purchased photos last year from Melissa and have not picked them up please reach out to her and make arrangements. 


Specialty Clinic - This year we will be holding 4 Specialty Clinics, one for each on the four positions in lacrosse, on a certain day. This clinic is for both boys and girls and players should attend the clinic that they currently play.  The clinics will be run by high school girls and boys.  Check your team schedule on the web site for date/time.


Memorial Day Parade - This year we will participate in the Berlin Memorial Day Parade in May.  More to come...


Founding Father Day Year-end Picnic - If you have never gone - go this year.  What a blast!  The kids can play against their parents.  There is food, drink and lots of lacrosse.  Slated Date - Saturday June 20th from 12-7 at Scalise.