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Fall Lacrosse Overview:

Many of you have asked, "Exactly what happens in fall lacrosse?  Are there any games?  how much days/week and when does it start and finish?"

Simply put, BYLA's main objective for fall lacrosse is to continue to develop the players, keep a stick in their hands and keep their interest in the sport going.  If you are new this is the BEST time to try lacrosse.

While each coach will do things different, their goals are the same.  Continue to work with indviduals and develop their skills in the "off-season".  

Each coach will run a 7-week long clinic starting Monday, August 31st and running through Saturday October 17th.  Most of the coaches will run 1 skills clinic per week for 1.5 - 2 hours on that given day.  Coach Mrachek, who will be coaching the Junior boys (grades 5 and 6) will run 2 clinic sessions/week.  As for games it really depends on what neighboring towns are doing and whether the coach can organize any games during this time.


If you go with the idea that the fall would be

a great way for a newbie to try lacrosse with no pressure


that a experience player can continue to fine tune his/her skills in the off-season

then you have the same idea as us.


BYLA President